The Language of Love

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Today I wanted to write about how to boost your love life and then I realised it was Valentines Day which felt like a perfect time to give you some tips on how to use Feng Shui principles in a simple way to connect with Love.

This life area is the love connection you have usually with a partner, or close others if not in a relationship. It relates to there being deep love, understanding, acceptance and respect between you and another.

  • Where are you in relation to Love?
  • Do you want to walk barefoot in the sand with the love of your life? Do you want to feel the passion and romance that being with that one special person brings?
  • Are you missing that intimacy that you share with a lover that brings out the best in each other?
  • Is your current relationship struggling or are you failing to meet each other’s needs?
  • Are you feeling a sense of loss and isolation in the relationship that once was so good?
  • Do you need to let go and move on?

Clarifying where you are in a relationship will help you find what it is that you really want and start the process of getting it. Your Love zone sits in the South West of your home and when you find that area using your compass, you can apply the principles on every floor.  If its your bedroom then it will be even more powerful.

The colours of Love

The element is Earth and so earthy colours of brown’s, cream’s, pink’s or terracotta orange’s are needed in this area. Add a touch of yellow to enhance communication and a little red for Fire to bring in passion. Greens are not recommended as they are the colour of Wood and Wood controls Earth.

Images of Love

Only ever have two’s of things in your Love area to symbolise a couple relationship. Either place a photo of you and your love or a picture of the ideal kind of partner you would want or an image of the kind of couple you would like to be. Two red candles will bring in the fire, two little yellow flower pots with little plants; you get the picture!

The Crystals of Love

There are many wonderful crystals that can help you love your-self, find love, let go of past hurts and attract wonderful sex and passion into your life. The most well known crystal for love is rose quartz. Place two pieces of a similar size in your Love zone, but first cleanse them in water and by leaving them out over night when it’s a full moon or leaving them out side for several hours in the sunshine. Then hold them and put your intentions into them, make affirmations about what you want in a positive way, you will be amazed at the power they can bring into your life.

So Happy Valentines Day, I hope it brings what you want.


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