Finding your purpose, putting energy into your career

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It’s not an unusual human experience to lose our way in life and wonder what our purpose is. Most people go through a stage of wondering what life is all about, particularly when facing challenges and hard times.

In Feng Shui your career life area is supported by the element of water and the colours blue and black. The symbolism is a river flowing softly away from you on its meandering journey, contained, but at times twisting and turning so that if you were on it, you might float down the middle with ease or you might at times bump gently into the sides before you can continue. This life area sits in the North of your home.

How can you support you career using Feng Shui?

You might place a glass bowl with water in, that you need to change every couple of days, and whilst doing so give some thought to your purpose, say a short affirmation about how you want to see your life flowing, the power of intention is significant. Water features in this area are also a lovely representation of the element.

Metal nourishes water and so placing silver, gold or white ornaments or having these as background colours would strengthen this area.

Earth controls water so avoiding earthy colours such as brown’s, creams, pinks, terracotta oranges would be beneficial.

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