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Do you feel that your life is blessed with Good Fortune? Does your life run smoothly with ordered finances or does it lurch from one monetary crisis to the next? Are you ready for your next payday two days after your monthly wage goes into your bank account?

If your answers are on the negative side to the above ponderings maybe it’s time to look at the Wealth area of your Home. This is all about allowing things to flow easily into your life without having to struggle, not just from a monetary view it also includes whether you feel you are one of those people who seem to be having all the luck!  It is definitely an area to be kept clutter-free. The element responsible for the area is Wood therefore supported by the colour green especially jade, and the number 4.

This zone of your home is in the South East, firstly clear all unwanted items (either sort and get rid of them or  find a home for them), give it a good spring clean and then introduce the wood element placing things with the intention that they will bring more wealth and good fortune into your life.

Plants, especially a money plant, would be very helpful in this area but choose ones with round shapes and leaves (shaped like coins) not the taller leggy spiky ones and ideally group four together, look after them well and nurture them, replacing them as soon as they start to look unhappy. Placing the pots in wooden or natural fibre pots continues the wood theme or alternatively support the plants by placing them in blue pots to add the water element.

Pictures of evergreen trees and a lake emphasise the wood element and give it the support from the water element to help things grow. If you play the lottery you could place your lottery ticket here each week visualising what you would do when you win it!  Keep a small wooden bowl in this area and place all your loose change overnight and visualise it growing and flowing into your purse. Or what about a Champaign cork with a coin in it!

Finally does money seem to disappear down the drain in your house? Perhaps it does!  Are the plug-holes in the basins, sinks and bath left open to allow this to happen? How about placing large flat pebbles over them – any overflow waters will be able to escape should they need to and they look nice too. Most importantly always keep your toilet seat closed!

Good luck!


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  1. Thanks very much for your advice Chris and for your positive comments! Olga

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