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Feng Shui-ing your garden can be easy and fun and you don’t have to do the whole garden!  I have two gardens, a small one around my house and a big one behind my barn – so its quite a lot to manage in terms of doing the Feng Shui on all of it.  So I decided to work on a couple of smaller areas to create Feng Shui beauty.  In my large garden I focused on one square and applied the Elemental principles and symbolism of Feng Shui divided in to the 9 squares of the Bagua, the template of the life zones represented in the square.  My notes of what I placed are in the template below – you would place this template from the front of your square.

There will be more to come on my garden and the other special places I have created.  I hope you enjoy reading!

Life Zones Template

Good Fortune (4) The amount of good fortune you feel you have, focusing mainly on wealth and in particular the ‘flow’ of your money.  Also the feeling that the right things come your way just when you need them. Direction is South East.  Element is WoodHere I have a little bay tree growing to represent the Wood element, its a strong green colour.  I have also hung little chinese coins on the tree, to represent good fortune.  Illumination and Recognition (9) The feeling of fulfilment with your life, that you are doing the right thing and are being valued by others. You are recognised for what you do. Direction is South. Element is FireI placed a plant with strong  vibrant red flowers that look like fire you can see a picture below.  Feeding the fire of Fame! Relationship (2) This is the relationship you have usually with a partner or close others if not in a relationship.   There is deep love, understanding, acceptance and respect between you and another. Direction is South West. Element is EarthA lovely plant with pink flowers has been planted here, pink is a colour of earth and of love and I have also placed 2 pieces of Rose Quatrz crystal.
Elders (3) Your ancestry, your tribe, your past.  A knowing of where you have come from.   A feeling of belonging and acceptance and mutual respect with family.  The quality of relationship with parental figures. Direction is East. Element is WoodBecause this is a wood area representing ancestors, I have put an old piece of wood from a tree I used to have in the garden.  It is something of the past that is strong and solid and holds the stories of times gone by. Well Being (5) Well being is healthiness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  An all round feeling of being well and having the energy to live life as fully as you want.  In the Center.  Element is EarthMy Salix tree in the centre has beautiful pink hughes in the leaves, pink being a colour of earth.  The tree is growing strong and is healthy just what you want in the well being area!  Creativity (7) The area that has great focus on children, of your own if you have them or children that are in your life.  It is also about being creative in other areas of your life, being in tune with and able to express creativity in any form. Direction is West. Element is MetalThe colour of metal is silver, gold, grey or white and the shape is circular.  So I have placed a lovely silver sphere in this area for creativity.  It has the effect of reflecting other parts of the garden and gives an impression of things expanding.
Quiet Contemplation (8)Finding time for your-self just to be, to clear your thoughts. To be in tune with your inner wisdom and to gain contemplative rest and perspective.  Direction is North East. Element is EarthHere I have a beautiful pink flowered plant – see picture, again pink for earth.   The Buddha represents reflection, mindfulness and meditation for me and I think he is perfectly placed here. Life Journey (1)This is about your life flowing well and in the right direction for you.  There is a focus on career and purpose and that you are doing what you really want to be doing.  Direction is North. Element is WaterGlass, Blue and Water is needed in this area and so I have blue ornaments and glass, some will collect water and represent the flow of my career and purpose. Helpful People (6)There are good and helpful people in your life who are there for you when you need them.  There is a focus on you also being a good friend to others. Direction is North West. Element is MetalI have a plant with many leaves and which will have lots of white flowers, to represent my fortune in having lots of good friends, teachers and divine influences in my life.

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  1. Very well explained Olga. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Aroon, my garden in the sunshine is a pure delight. I hope you and Sumi are well. Love Olga xx

  2. HI Olga

    Hope you are well!!!!!

    Your garden is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    fancy advising me with my garden????

    Take care my friend

    love/hugs Daljit xxxxx

    • Thank you my dear Daljit, I am glad you like my garden. Yes I am well. I hope you are too. With love Olga xx

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