Rooting your Family Tree

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This area of the Feng Shui bagua relates to your ancestry, your tribe, your past. A knowing of where you have come from. A feeling of belonging and acceptance and mutual respect from your family. The quality of your relationship with parental figures.

Do you feel you lacked a supportive loving nurturing childhood? Are there issues from your past affecting how you live your life now? Are you thwarted or supported by your upbringing? Are there issues relating to abuse that need resolving now.

The Family area is also referred to as ‘elders’ or ‘ancestry’ so it relates to your family roots rather than your children. Your family space is situated in the east of your home dominated by the wood element and nurtured by water. This is the space that you can affect if you need to repair or build relationships with your family and other relatives including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Before you energise this area with enhancements, check the space to see what you are keeping there. Remove any dusty photos, murder/mystery novels, critical letters or cards from upset relatives, broken statues and any clutter.

To create harmony and balance in your family, place a healthy round leafed plant to strengthen the wood energies. Nurture the plant and if it starts to fade, give it attention but if it starts to die, then replace it with a healthy one. A happy family photograph with your parents and relatives in a rectangular wooden frame could promote good communication with the family.

Blue ornaments and flowing water feature or fountain bring in the energising water element, which nourishes the wood.

Give it a go it could clear out some old hurts and help you let go and move on.Family


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