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It’s time to give you some tips on how to enhance your health and well being area of your home, it sits right in the centre and as the saying goes, if you dont have your health you dont have anything.  Its not entirely true of course as you will always have your soul, your higher self and even in poor health people achieve great things.  This was born out when I attended the Back2Health Conference in Bristol on 11th and 12th April 2013,  just look at the line up of speakers, Doctors, Holistic Practitioners, Healers, Helpers and most inspirationally; People who had healed them-selves of Cancer in a myriad of ways – all there to share their stories and wisdom.  The most striking point of all the information shared and all the healing practices was the need to ‘believe’ we can get back to health, that we can heal from disease and then get on with the hard work ahead to nourish the body and soul, which ever treatment plan you decide to follow.

I attended the conference to raise awareness of the importance of reducing our exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields  (EMF’s) in our homes and that Geopathic Stress can impact adversely on our health.    A number of the speakers referenced EMF’s and this shows a growing concern about the amount of exposure we are now subjected to in the World we live in.

Stone-age man evolved to cope with electro-magnetic fields as they have existed naturally for as long as we have walked this earth, but now in the 21st Century we are surrounded by them, 24 hours a day and our bodies struggle to cope with this continual attack.  There has been a massive increase in technology over the last 60 years and therefore in our exposure to EMF radiation.

Outside there are power lines, electrical sub-stations, transmitters, and mobile phone masts; whilst inside our homes we have fridges and freezers, cookers, televisions, microwaves, game stations, computers, Wi-Fi and DECT phones and all that goes with them – to mention just a few.

All these give off electromagnetic fields or microwaves even when we are not using them, and since this has all been recent only 60 -70 years our bodies have not yet learnt to deal with this level of electromagnetic energy bombarding us all day every day, and having with them in our bedrooms prevents the body from replenishing itself as we sleep.

Studies have shown that long- term exposure to EMFs compromises the immune system by interfering with healthy cell-to-cell communication. They also affect the body’s ability to produce essential enzymes and hormones to prevent serious illnesses, and therefore over time compromises our health and wellbeing.  There is now a recognised condition called EHS (ElectroHyperSensitivity) where the body instantly reacts to EMFs present.

Recommendations to reduce your exposure to EMFs:

*      Try to sit as far away from large electrical items as possible.

*      Use your lap top computer on a desk or table instead of sitting with it on your knees.

*      Replace your DECT (cordless) phone with an old-fashioned curly cable one – you may not be able to walk around while you talk but neither are you putting a mini mobile phone mast in your living room. If you must keep the DECT phone try to put the base unit as far away as possible in a little used room, or better still Siemans do a Dect phone (Gigaset C610A) that has an eco setting which means the radiation does not emit when its not in use

*      Switch off as many appliances at night as you can rather than leaving them on stand-by.

*      Plants are proven to absorb electro-magnetic field energies wherever there are televisions or computers in use.

*      Remove any unnecessary electrical items from your bedroom (and your children’s’ rooms). Table lamps and electrical alarm clocks should be placed at least arms’ length away from the edge of your pillow – remember distance is your ally in reducing the effects of the EMFs.

*      Don’t have extension leads under your bed.

*      Do you need that electric blanket? Do you really want to sleep on top of all those EMFs whizzing around immediately below your body?

*      Metal sprung mattresses are a conductor for EMF’s, so think about replacing

*      Replace Wi-Fi with the installation of a DLAN system (hard wired wifi).

*      Consider whether you really need a microwave oven.

Websites for further information:

The other thing to consider is whether you have Geopathic Stress running through your home and particularly where you are sleeping.

The Earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its centre. The rotation of the earth creates electrical currents in the molten metals found within its core, thereby producing a magnetic field. Human beings have evolved with this natural background magnetic field; they are accustomed to living within its presence.  Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally by underground water or artificially by mining and building works or underground transport systems, and then the background field we normally experience is changed.

Spending long periods of time over a detrimental area produces a stress reaction in the human body. This is the same as stress produced by any other means. The effect is gradual, involving a slow deterioration in health.  The body becomes more and more debilitated by the on-going effect of the stress and the person can become ill.  Blood pressure may remain inappropriately raised; excess acid may be produced by the stomach, leading to stomach ulcers; decreased activity by white blood cells will lead to less effective resistance to viruses and bacteria.  The person may have difficulty in sleeping as the body is on continuous alert.  In this situation the body becomes undermined reducing resistance to colds and flu and more serious illnesses. It is possible that Geopathic stress might be a factor in the onset of cancer.  A full Healthy Home consultation will identify whether any of these lines affect your property and in 99% of cases your Healthy Home Consultant will be able to cure the problem.

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