Cleansing in the Cotswold’s

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I love the Cotswold’s,  but I hadn’t been there for many years, and then the opportunity came to visit my friend Natasha who had bought a beautiful old cottage in a stunning village. Our friend Dawn was coming too and we were going to do an atmospheric cleanse to purify the energy in her new home and infuse it with her intentions. The three of us studied Feng Shui together and we are founders of the Barefoot Community more about that later. When we get together the energy is just magical, there is so much laughter and I swear it is so good for the soul. Dawn had bought a beautiful amethyst geode as a house warming present and we just immediately knew it had to go on the hearth, it was just the perfect place for it. The deep purple glittering and the red of the fire were just awesome.


We planned to do the atmospheric cleanse on Saturday, but first we had to go into Cirencester to do a bit of shopping. What a lovely town it is and it has the most impressive Church of St John the Baptist, which we sat in for quite a while just feeling the calm energy of the place. We were quite mesmerised to be honest. It was a really good place for us to connect to each other without speaking and that was our preparation for the cleansing ritual we were going to do later at Natasha’s home.

Whilst going in and out of the many unique shops, a woman asked Dawn if she could have her photo taken with her. She told us that she had decided that every day of this year, she would do this. She did not really give an answer when we asked why, but thinking about it since, the exchange brought everyone in the shop into conversation and it was full of laughter and somehow an appreciation that we are not strangers at all but connected just by being in this World together at this particular time. It was a really lovely encounter which has stayed with me.

When we got home, Dawn and I dowsed around the house for Geopathic stress and we found 4 lines of disrupted earth energy running through Natasha’s. We set about doing some healing work with the earth and we identified that healing two lines would heal them all so we took one each to work on. It then occurred to us that the lines we were working on crossed somewhere in the house and when we looked, it was just where we had placed the Amethyst. This really affirms that when doing this kind of work, there is an intuition that seems to precede the actual practice that is supportive of the work. It was so right to have placed the crystal there, but it was clearly more than aesthetics that had guided us. Needless to say the healing of the earth energies did not take long with the Amethyst having done most of it on its own!

I then set up a lovely altar, with the tools used for atmospheric cleansing, a bell, some sage, a flower offering, a candle, my book of blessings and two sweet sounding Balinese harmony balls. Dawn and Natasha made some beautiful offerings of flowers, candles and water to put in every room. Dawn and I then carried out the ritual of purification using sound, which represents air, and burning sage representing fire. We cleared out any unwanted energies that were there and we lifted the spirits of the house, you could actually feel the house lighten. Natasha then went into every room shaking the harmony balls and putting her aspirations, intentions and wishes into her home. It was such a lovely thing to do and it left us all feeling the house was cleansed and full of love and ready for a new start for Natasha. It left me feeling privileged to be able to do this kind of work and to love it.

From Olga with love!

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