In harmony with Nature

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For a long time I have wanted to visit the Giant’s Causeway and then the opportunity came up for me to come for a week to Northern Ireland and stay in Enniskillen, which is surrounded by lovely lakes. Only two and half hours from the Giant’s Causeway, it was perfect timing to visit. The power of the place was noticeable and apart from seeing the beauty of the rock formations, I sensed that I was surrounded by all the elements that we focus on in Feng Shui to live in harmony with our environment. The stone represented the Earth, the sea the Water, the green of the land the Wood, the Sun the fire and the white and grey markings on the rocks the Metal. It was wonderful to feel the harmony of the place and the rawness of nature made it breathtaking. I felt that intrinsic link to nature and that just as the sea and the weather has shaped and formed the Giant’s Causeway, we have been shaped and formed by the things that have happened to us in life.

It affirmed to me that by bringing in balance to our home environment using the essential elements of nature could help to bring balance to our lives even when things happen around us to unbalance the flow. Take a step in the direction of making the home of your dreams and balancing the natural flow of life with the flow of energy in your home.     Olga


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