New beginnings

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We can create a new beginning anytime we want. It is always within our power to do so.

There are certain times when we celebrate new beginnings en-mass like New Year and Spring time, or a new event in our lives such as a marriage or birth. All these times have a positive connotation and it feels wonderful to be alive!

However new beginnings will also come from very sad and difficult situations that happen to us all at some time, like the loss of someone you love, losing your job or becoming ill.

It’s hard to think that something good can come of such happenings, but they do. The thing that makes the difference is how we hold the experience and how we work through it with a positive outlook.

It is of course helpful for us to feel the loss, the pain and the hurt and accept that it is part of our experience. Honoring ourselves and how we are feeling when things are difficult is an important part of the human journey as is the next stage of moving through into a new understanding about life.

What can we gain from a terrible experience?

We can gain strength and resilience to keep us going through anything. Wisdom that we can share with others to help them when times are hard. A new perspective which helps us see what really is important in our lives. A complete change of direction to enrich our lives and those of others.

I wish you many new beginnings whatever the circumstances and remember you can create one whenever you choose.


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