My Journey

My Journey

I have been a qualified Social Worker since 1986 and have always worked for Local Authorities, primarily in Children’s Services. My career has been a great contributor in my learning about life, it has been my dedication and commitment for all of my working life.

I have always been interested in holistic health practices and have used many therapies to support me in my own life journey.

 I became interested in Feng Shui 20 years ago and became self-taught in the principles of creating a ‘sacred space’ and enhancing the different areas of life and energies in my home. I found that my home always felt a ‘lighter’ and energising place to be as well as calm and pleasing to the eye. 

Everyone who visited always commented on how lovely they found the space I had created. Friends would ask me to do ‘it’ for them as they wanted that feeling in their own homes and of course I was only too happy to help. It was great to see the results some people got from applying the principles in a simple way.

Feng Shui has been an integral part of my life since my initial interest began all those years ago. Following the loss of my partner to cancer in November 2010, I re-evaluated all that was my life and what I wanted it to become. I decided to pursue my love of Feng Shui. I took the practitioners training at the Feng Shui Academy with inspirational teachers Rob Gray and Frederique Cooke. I have since become inspired and committed to sharing this knowledge in a way that is personal, simple and full of love. And of course fun! Life is very short and I want to share what I know about building a positive life particularly when we are faced with adversity.

What do I know?

I know something both professionally and personally about loss and separation and of the devastating effects this can have on us. I know that when the chips are down, we must hold our-selves responsible for rebuilding our lives. I know just how tough a challenge this is. But I also know that it is these challenges that make us stronger – they shape and form our characters. They build our resilience, or they can do if we view the world positively. I have tried and tested the concept of positive thinking and I am an expert at re-framing the terrible things that can happen, in a way that gives us hope.

With hope we can move through pain and hurt and we can come to a new and wonderful place. Optimism and gratitude are the practices that will pull a person through the hardest of times but we all need help sometimes.

I also know that when things are good and going well then we might just need to keep a good intention about what we want to see in our lives. So much of our own life is created by the things we think and so the power of intention involves thinking our lives into reality.

My Energy


I work in an open and honest way and will be sensitive to what you want to gain from a consultation or service. I will be perceptive to your responses and your needs. You will find me compassionate and dedicated to helping you achieve what you want.

I am a happy person and I love to laugh. Most of the time I don’t take myself too seriously. I have a positive out-look on life and I have faith that a way can always be found through difficult situations. 

I embrace wisdom from a wide range of cultures and this has made me the positive and optimistic person that I am.

My aims

I will help you achieve what you would like from your life in a way that will make you feel empowered and in total control of your progress. My purpose is to provide my services with care and attention and in a way that respects you as an individual.


Qualified in Feng Shui, 
Advanced Earth Healing and Space Clearing from the Feng Shui Academy. Trained by Powerwatch and EMFields


Where do I practice

I undertake consultations in primarily in the South West of England.


Get in touch using my contact form, send an email to info [at] lighterspaces [dot] com or call me now on 07775 617400.