A sad loss for the Feng Shui World

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He came at at time when time stood still

He filled me with hope and tremendous will

His teaching was precious and brought me alive

We all live, we all die and our spirits thrive

I give thanks for the connections, he

made with our souls, the friendships

he brought us, our hopes and our goals

And the love that abounds us, there should be no toll

We will dance to his memory

We will sing of his joy

We will give of our love

To our Rabi Rob – always and forever

Rob Gray was my Feng Shui Teacher and one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet. He was so gentle and intuitive and funny and beautiful and it is with great sadness, for us all left here, that he died on Monday 10th June 2013 of cancer.

‘He had a tremendous gift for teaching, which he approached with great enthusiasm. He taught and consulted across Europe, Brazil and the United States. His work was regularly featured in National Press and Television as well as ‘Feng Shui for Modern Living’ magazine.

His contribution to the world of Feng Shui offered training and world-class consultations, empowered people with understanding rather than to mystify the subject. He liked to help people understand and then take control of the intimate relationship that we all have with our surroundings. He blended classical and intuitive approaches to Feng Shui ensuring that the ancient principles are appropriate in a modern western context. He had a special interest in the very modern and health-threatening environmental hazards of EMF’s and microwaves, and made them an integral part of his consultancy and training courses.’

I met Rob not long after my own partner had died at the age of 37 from cancer. I was in fog of sadness and grief, but knew it was my choice whether I lived or died at that time, whether I picked up my life and headed for the sun or whether I would sit in the gloom and the rain. It was my choice and I chose to honour the person I had loved so much by finding some inspiration for my life. I remember wondering what it was I should do to take a new direction and I knew it would be something that would bring me more in tune with my spirit and my gift of understanding others. Remembering that I had self taught and loved Feng Shui many years ago, I decided to ‘Google’ to see what courses were out there and I found Rob’s Feng Shui Academy. It was so easy to begin to study with him, he just was the most wonderful teacher and completing the course, the exams and the assignments were an on going pleasure for me. But not only this, by doing his training, I have met some people who have become very significant in my life and who I continue to work with to bring Feng Shui and Healthy Home principles into today’s World. I thank my lucky stars that I met Rob and that through him my connection with some very special people was made.

The trouble is when someone so well known dies, is that everyone wants to contribute in the grieving process. At this time I am most aware of his beautiful wife and young son and his family who will be feeling the loss so intensely.

With the greatest love and respect for Rob, his wife, his son and his family.



  1. I Just learned of Robs very sad parting…. I read your beautiful tribute and Thats really does strike a cord. I too did the Feng Shui course with Rob and found him to be an inspirational teacher.

    My love and very best wishes and condolences to Robs wife and young son. Such a sad loss…. SO sorry to hear this news

    With love Pattie Delfosse

    • So many of us will miss him Pattie thank you for your loving comments I know that Carolina appreciates the love that is being sent from his many grateful students. Love and respect Olga

  2. I am very sad to hear of the passing of Rob Gray. I frequently listen to his tapes and get great inspiration from his teaching of Feng Shui. His gentle soul touches many.


    • I know June we all miss his presence here on earth, at least we have the blessing to be able to hear his voice and feel his energy still. Olga

  3. I am in shock. Just heard about the passing of Robert. He was a pioneer in his field and he inspired so many to go out there and change the vworld.
    Too early to leave this wold and a young family.
    I send my deepest sympathy.
    Zandra, Denmark

    • I know Zandra we are all shocked and sad, Rob was a total inspiration to many and we will miss his presence here on Earth. I will forward your thoughts and love to his family. Olga

  4. Such sad news. I have literally just been online on google to research taking another GS course with Rob. I can’t believe it. I agree with you all that he truly graced this world with his presence. He is the greatest teacher I have ever had the privilege of studying with. He knew his subject so thoroughly and presented it with such genuine passion, it was catching. My deepest condolences to his wife and young son. I hope they can find some peace and solace in the words of his students on here, who obviously have the utmost respect for such a wonderful man.

    • Thank you for your lovely words Kay they are so beautiful and reflect how we all feel about Rob.

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