You might be surprised at the extent of influence we can bring to our own lives by paying attention to our environment and the flow of energy that we create within our homes. I will help you harness that energy to create a home that is supportive of your dreams.

I offer a range of service to suit all phases of your life and the complete spectrum of issues you may be facing at home.

But what is consistent throughout all the services I offer is a simple, no-fluff approach that will help you see real results. It’s not just about moving the sofa and adding a few coloured cushions (although sometimes that might help), it’s about helping you make a real, positive change to your life and helping you move closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You can mix and match the services to get the best combination or I can tailor one to meet your specific needs. I can travel across the south west of England, or further as long as travel and accommodation are covered in advance. Or feel free to give me a ring to chat through exactly what you want to achieve and I can recommend or tailor the best service for you.
Feng Shui cornwall, feng shui consultant


Are you feeling that things are not going the way you want them to, giving the sense that you are ‘stuck’? A Making the Home of your Dreams (Feng Shui) Consultation will help you find direction and create a beautiful home to nurture and support your and your families dreams.



electromagnetic fields damage, geopathic stressDo you wonder if your home is a healthy and nourishing environment for you and your family? Find out how your home could be detrimental to your health and how you can eliminate invisible hazards in a Healthy Home consultation.




Want to learn how to apply simple Feng Shui and Healthy Homes principles yourself? Then one of our Yin Living Courses will be perfect.





clear clutter in cornwall, feng shui cornwallDo you have lots of things that you no longer use taking up space? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have accumulated? My clutter clearing service can help you de-clutter, make space and re-energise your life.




Space clearing service cornwall,

Is there unwanted energy or an unsettling atmosphere in your home? The beautiful ritualised practice of atmospheric cleansing can help clear this and bring the light back into your home.





spring cleaning cornwall, deep cleaning cornwall, rainbow cleaning cornwall,

If you feel there is a lack of physical cleanliness in your home a cleaning for cleaning for lighter space deep clean will give you that cleanliness and Spring clean feeling any time you want it.