Bringing in the light

Bringing in the light

Clear unwanted energy or an unsettling atmosphere from your home with the beautiful ritualised practice of atmospheric cleansing. It will lift the energy and purify your home

Is there a feeling that the energy in your home is stuck or that there are things lingering that do not support your current path? An atmospheric cleanse provides a wonderful way in which to revitalise the energy in your home and is particularly affective following ill health or discord in your life. It is equally wonderful when you just want to connect with your home and with yourself and take a deeper look at your life. It also creates a beautiful space for meditation.

I would always recommend an atmospheric cleansing when you have moved into your new home because it is so important to clear any negative energies that might be present unbeknown’s to you and to put your wonderful new energy in.

How does it work?

Using sounds and cleansing smells and great intention this beautiful ritual will greatly improve the energy in your home.


It costs £150 plus travel for a Bringing in the light consultation.


How do I book?

Get in touch using my contact form, send an email to info [at] lighterspaces [dot] com or call me now on 07775 617400.