Are you interested in how your environment impacts your health and quality of life, and how you can apply simple Feng Shui and Healthy Homes principles yourself to enhance the spaces you live and work in?

I have teamed up with Yin Living to create a unique collection of courses and workshops that will lead to a Diploma.

We’ve worked to make sure they are informative and empowering both on a personal and professional level.

In a time when everyone seems to be so very busy, we want to bring focus to the quality of life. The courses will be concise, exacting and totally practical so that they can be applied easily either for personal use or in giving a service to others. The choice is yours!

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Most importantly the workshops are about fun, good energy and new friendships. Sharing amazing experiences and helping to bring more love and energy into our lives.

Find out more about the courses on the Yin Living website.