Healthy Home Consultations

Healthy Home Consultations

Are your appliances and gadgets damaging your health?


Do you wonder if your home is a healthy and nourishing environment for you and your family? Or are you concerned that modern technology could be damaging your and your family’s health?

Disrupted sleep including nightmares, grinding teeth and waking up tired, hyperactivity, skin tingling, burning sensations, concentration and memory problems, muscle and joint pains, cardiac palpitations, fatigue, irritability and erratic high blood pressure could all be symptoms caused by invisible hazards. There is a growing body of research that shows modern living can be damaging to our health.

A Healthy Home consultation will identify problem areas in your home and suggest simple solutions to minimise their negative impact.

I offer two levels of consultations, an introductory consultation for those wishing to find out more or to add onto a Making the Home of Your Dreams Feng Shui consultation, and an in-depth consultation for those with young children or with serious concerns about the impact Electromagnetic Fields are having on their health and their families.

Simple changes can often result in dramatic improvements in the sleep and overall health of you and your family.

Background to the Healthy Homes consultations

My training in Feng Shui with the late Robert Gray uniquely included learning about the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) on our health and the potential for this to impact our lives in a major way. Rob’s view was that we cannot ignore the electrical environment that we now live in and that this should be managed to ensure the health of a home and of ourselves before applying Feng Shui techniques. That is why you will find the Healthy Home as part of the services I offer.

His teaching has led me on a journey to pursue more knowledge and expertise in this field with the aim of increasing awareness and helping people minimize the effects of EMFs on their health.

The impact on children is something we should be taking seriously as they are more vulnerable and they are growing up in an environment that has never been free of Radio Frequencies.

I am delighted to have now completed further training with Powerwatch, a non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK EMF and Microwave Radiation health debate. They work with other like-minded groups and with decision-makers in government & business, promoting policies for a safer environment. They have been researching EMF effects on health for over 20 years, and provide information to help people understand these complex issues.

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Graduating from our Powerwatch UK training

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)


What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us and they are invisible! They arise from electrical equipment, radio waves, microwaves, radar, TV transmitters, computer systems, mobile phones, satellite and cable transmissions.

Electromagnetic fields and microwaves can have a significant impact on your, energy, health and well-being.

Why are they harmful?

The EMFs can penetrate and alter our cellular process. This is particularly important during sleep when our bodies are repairing and regenerating on a cellular level.

If you are exposed to a harmful level of EMFs over a prolonged period of time, there is a large body of research to show that this can have a hugely detrimental effect on your health and energy levels.

Some people can develop electrosensitivity and suffer acute symptoms ranging from head/ear pain when using a mobile phone or redness and burning on the face or arms when using a computer through to headaches and sleep disruption when living near a mobile phone mast, sleeplessness, lethargy, even miscarriages and depression living near powerlines.

For more information on what are considered safe levels of EMFs and how to minimise their impact, there are several fact sheets in my resources section. You can also find more information on the Power Watch website

Geopathic Stress Survey and Treatment

Geopathic Stress lines

When the energetic field of the earth is disrupted the natural and beneficial flow of earth energies that are in tune with our own magnetic field become out of sync and we can become tired or unwell. This is know as Geopathic stress.

The energy of the earth can be disrupted by natural occurrences such as fissures and underground streams or can be man made by building work, railway cuttings, motorways, tunnels, embankments, mines and quarries, pylons, old battlegrounds, tree felling or any actions that did not honour the earth.

There is a growing body of evidence showing that living on earth energy that has Geopathic stress can undermine a persons health over a period of time and some evidence to suggest that this can be a significant contributor to more serious illness.

During the consultation we will search for Geopathic stress using the traditional practice of dowsing. If we find it, I will treat it effectively by using acupuncture in the earth and intentional healing work with the earth energy. Part of the consultation can include showing you how to dowse if you are interested. Most people will find that they will sleep much better once Geopathic stress has been removed.

What do the different types of consultations include?

During the introductory Healthy Home consultation I will test the EMF levels in your home using small, specialist equipment, focusing particularly on areas of the home where you spend most time. I will make recommendations about how you can reduce your exposure and minimise the effects on your health.

The Comprehensive Healthy Home Survey includes full measurements of Electromagnetic Fields within every room in your home, this will include a breakdown of Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Fields

The consultation will also assess the impact of any power stations or masts in your local area on your home.

All comprehensive reports will be checked by Alisdair Phillips of Powerwatch and will include full recommendations on how to reduce the negative impact of EMFs



An introductory Healthy Homes consultation costs £200 plus travel costs. Or for a holistic consultation, combine the introductory Healthy Home consultation with the Making the Home of your Dreams consultation for just £350, saving £50.

The comprehensive Healthy Homes survey costs £475 and includes a full written report and travel up to 100 mile radius.

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How do I book?

Get in touch using my contact form, send an email to info [at] lighterspaces [dot] com or call me now on 07775 617400.

Want to make a head start?

I will need a floor plan of your home before we get started. Download and complete one here.