Making space for new things

Making space for new things

Having too much stuff in your home can significantly affect your energy. But getting the balance between things you need and love, and holding onto things unnecessarily is hard to achieve.

Do you have lots of things that you no longer use taking up space? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have accumulated in your living space, your kitchen cupboards, your wardrobes, your garage and loft? Clutter is easy to accumulate, but not so easy to part with. It becomes ‘part of the furniture’ and we then we even stop seeing it.

If you know you need to make a change but need a helping hand to get started and keep you on track, my ‘ Making space for new things’ service will help you de-clutter and re-energise your life.

I offer practical Clutter Clearing support, which can include simply helping you let things go or finding great storage solutions. I can also work with you to make this a therapeutic experience to include story-telling and memory boxing of those precious things you want to keep. Or I can help you with ‘Give Away Ceremonies’ for all the things you feel you can move on and recycle.

Don’t worry! I’m not a fan of clutter, but neither am I a minimalist! I understand there’s a fine balance between keeping things that are precious to you and getting rid of things you no longer use. We have all probably felt that we should not waste money by throwing away things we don’t use or that were given to us as gifts and we all get attached to things that don’t really serve a purpose in our lives.

There is nothing I love more than creating a space that becomes more appealing to the eye and allows room for new things to come into our lives.

I can help you clear clutter that has built up in your home and help you let it go, creating a more vibrant space in your home for new things to come in to your life.

De-cluttering areas of your home is one of the most effective ways to clear stagnant or blocked energy and to get it flowing smoothly with vitality and life. Same as a Spring Clean, a good de-cluttering brings in light and airiness. Just clearing out wardrobes and cupboards, loft spaces and drawers and even handbags, wallets and purses can give you a little lift, that bit of space for something NEW to come in to your life.

Free from Clutter in your office


£20 per hour (depending the amount of clutter you have, 4 hours should be enough to do an average sized home)  

How do I book?

Get in touch using my contact form, send an email to info [at] lighterspaces [dot] com or call me now on 07775 617400.