Making the Home of your Dreams

Making the Home of your Dreams

This holistic consultation incorporates all aspects of Feng Shui can help improve your career/purpose, love life, family relationships, money, health, friendships, creativity, peace and recognition.  The consultation incorporates the following elements (click each box to find out more)

Traditional Feng Shui

By using colour, symbolism, plants, pictures, ornaments, and very importantly the power of intention, Feng Shui supercharges the energy at home and brings life back into your life!

Feng Shui looks holistically at the following key areas of your life:

  • Career and purpose
  • Love and relationships
  • Family (Elders)
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Friends and helpful people
  • Creativity and children
  • Knowledge and Peace
  • Fame and Recognition

Five elements of Feng Shui

Each area is represented by the five natural elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.

Using these five elements, we will create a home that nurtures your well-being and helps you achieve your dreams. The changes are unlikely to be sudden, but they will surely transpire.

Finding focus and direction


Is your life going the way you want it to? I use my detailed Priorities and Dreams Questionnaire to identify which areas of life you feel you would like to improve.

We’ll then work on three priority areas in one consultation. I will give you suggestions for simple and mostly inexpensive enhancements that can be made to these areas.

The overall shape, style and decor of your home can impact on your emotional well being and I will look at how you can make changes to enhance the areas of your life that you feel need a fresh start.

Are you sleeping?


I undertake an analysis of your bed positions, which will throw light on how to promote more relaxed and rejuvenating sleep for your and your family. 

The analysis of your bed position is based on a number of factors to determine the most beneficial positioning for good healthy sleep. We’ll look at:

  • Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic Fields that may be affecting the bed position
  • Is the bed in a secure position with the feeling of protection to the back and sides?
  • Are there any sharp edges or mirrors that might cut across the bed position and disturb sleep.
  • The beneficial compass directions for each occupant based on their astrological number.

This part of the consultation will take into account that for most bedrooms there are limited positions for the bed to be placed, but there may still be enhancements that can be made to promote healthier sleep.

How secure do you feel?

House mountains

If you don’t feel safe and secure in your home it can be a huge drain on your energy.I will take a look at the external position of your property and advise on how you can capture a better flow of energy into your home and increase your feeling of security.

We’ll look at where your home sits in relation to other things. In traditional Feng Shui, a home would be built in a ‘perfect spot’ with protection at the back from a mountain and hills or trees to the side, with a good flow of energy coming into the home at the front from a river or stream. In modern times and in urban settings this type of ‘form’ is not always possible, but things can be done to mimic these physical features and increase energy flowing into your home such as moving obstacles, clearing clutter or using plants.

Is the time right?


The 9 Star Ki astrology forms part of Feng Shui practice and is fascinatingly accurate.

Feng Shui astrology is one of the oldest in the World and is based on the principle that there is a constantly moving energy force known as ki that is part of the Universe. The position of the stars at the time you were born help to shape your character. The astrological influences on your life and their energy patterns over time will influence the course of your life.

I use the 9 star Ki Astrology to understand your energies and where they can be best placed to help you achieve the things you want. I will advise on how to make some small adjustments to balance the energy of the stars and their position at the time.

In understanding your astrological energy we can also start to look at when it is the best time to make the more major decisions in your life, like starting a new project, moving house or getting married. If this part of the consultation sparks something and you would like a more in depth astrological reading I can put you in touch with an incredible expert I work with regularly

Make space for new things

clear clutter in cornwall, feng shui cornwall

Clutter and stuff in your home could be creating energy blocks. I include a few clutter clearing tips that can really get things moving in your life!

Everyone knows how good it can feel just clearing your desk or clearing out your wardrobe, we will magnify this and clear your clutter on a grand scale.



A full Making the Home of your Dreams consultation costs £200 plus travel costs. Or for a holistic assessment of your home, save £50 when you combine Making the home of your dreams with a Healthy Homes consultation – only £350.


How do I book?

Get in touch using my contact form, send an email to info [at] lighterspaces [dot] com or call me now on 07775 617400.

Want to make a head start?

I will need a floor plan of your home and a completed priorities and dreams questionnaire so I know exactly where to focus the consultation to make sure you achieve the most. Download and complete these here.