I consulted with Olga a few months ago, as things felt pretty stuck in my life. I didn’t have much work and was worrying about money. After Olga helped me with some useful suggestions with Feng Shui, things have definitely changed. I now have a great job and am really happy with where I am in my life right now. I would totally recommend her. Sarah


Deb“I really loved the experience of having the consultation and felt that my home had been really treasured during the process. I have felt so much more connected with my home and energized into completing some of the projects that have been on hold. I feel like my home is distinctly lighter & brighter.”


“I felt tired after the consultation as if it had taken a lot of energy to do. However since the consultation, I am feeling somehow ‘freer’. The feeling of being trapped by the house has somehow gone, I just can’t explain it!”


Alf“I am really pleased with the way I have been able to open up space since the consultation and move my guitars into a bigger space in my creativity area. I have started to make some more innovative music and I am playing a lot more and loving it! I do feel better in myself and I am delighted. This has been a wonderful experience. On reflection, everything has been very much common sense – but in a structured way…


Alf's bonking buddhas

Alf’s bonking buddhas

I don’t yet have a partner, but there are a couple of wonderful women on the horizon and I am really hopeful now of finding a long term relationship. I think the ‘Bonking Buddha’ will bring luck and anyway it makes everyone laugh when they hear about it. A great chat up line – “What do you think of my bonking buddha??”


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“Olga’s consultation was inspirational and very intuitive – connecting with the spirit of the house. Olga orchestrated a beautiful ceremony in my home which felt as if positive energies were permeating through the whole house. The offerings were magical – creative and very colourful. The energy was uplifting and light when done. Olga brought happiness love and lightness in to my home.”


SONY DSC“When Olga told me that I needed to clear my loft in order to clear my head, it made sense. Not only did we make £80 from a car boot sale that week, but I have felt much more focussed in my work since then. I have gained some really good clients and feel much more confident and relaxed in my work.  Since Olga’s consultation, my husband has got a new job and my own business has really taken off.’



“The consultation was beautiful, the house felt larger and lighter. It was a first class consultation carried out with professionalism and in a most caring, considerate way”


Olga's Rainbow Workshop

Me at the Rainbow Workshop Linda came to

“I felt very balanced after the workshop and loved your energy and enthusiasm , and the neutral way you share your wisdom and knowledge . Thanks again”

~Linda Pow