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Metal elements nourished by Earth

Creativity 7

The area of Creativity sits in the West segment of your home and has great focus on children, your own if you have them or children that are in your life. It is also about being creative in other areas of your life, being able to create and being in tune with and able to express creativity in any form.

Are you trying to have children but its not happening?

Do you find you are worrying excessively about your children?

Are you feeling you are failing as a parent or carer?

Have you a talent or artistic flare that is thwarted?

Do you feel you have blockages in your creativity?

Try enhancing the creativity area of your home to get some positive movement in your life. Firstly clear any clutter, because this stagnates the energy in your home and in the specific life area where it is located. Clutter is holding on to things that are often no longer needed or wanted or being kept ‘in case’ they ‘might’ be needed. But by holding on to old things, we can be preventing new things coming into our lives. So create a clear space and then start to enhance with the element of Metal. Metal colours are white, grey, silver, gold or very pale shades of cream. The shape of the Metal element is a circle, it depicts the strength of the element and circular objects made of metal or in the colours of metal are good to place here. Metal is nourished by Earth and placement of a crystal or flower is good in this area too.

What do you want to bring in? Well if it’s children, then put pictures of children in this area, pictures of your own children if you have them are well placed here. If you are wanting to have a child, then a picture of a pregnant woman or a baby in utero can be placed in the area, but it does not need to be on show, just you need to now its there. Many things will come into our lives if we clearly focus on them with intention and so keeping focused on what you want is very powerful. Be careful what you ask for though; if you only want one baby don’t place pictures of triplets! The more is not the merrier in this respect.

If you are trying to get your creative juices going in another way, by bringing a new project in to being or releasing your artistic talents, then think of an image that symbolises what you want and use this in the area. It might be a lovely piece of art. Keep the area well lit, up lighting is good for bringing illumination to something you want to bring in creatively.

Happy thoughts going out to you all!




  1. Thank you Olga. Love your blogs as it feels like you are talking to me, so relevant. Kay x

    • I so appreciate your feedback thank you so much!

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